Day 1: Welcome & Thoughts on the “WHY”

Hey, everyone!

Welcome to Day 1 of our 40-Day Fitness Challenge!

Today, there are nearly 40 of us, all across the country, squeezing into our spandex (or frumpy yoga pants), lugging out our jogging shoes, glistening with that good-old-feeling of sweat.

Interjection: If you caught the cold of a century today and didn’t start, oh, don’t give up! Your 40 days can start soon! We still want you! :)

As we start today, don’t forget two things:

  1. Chart your success! Do you have a daily calendar? How about jotting down a smiley face when you complete your workout?
  2. Remember your “why.” For most of us, I think there are two categories of the “why.” One is the big picture reason – to feel better. The other is the *smaller* reward. I’ve thought about why I’m really doing this, even though I am so tired, so pregnant, and so sick. I’m doing this because:
  • 40 of you are, too. I don’t want to let you down!
  • My reward...I mentioned in the intro post that I was shooting for a morning out of shopping and purchasing one item. Guys, I have the best mom in the entire world. She agreed to pitch in for a much awesome-er reward. Since we’ll be ending around Valentine’s Day, my mom will watch our little ones while we spend a night in a nearby *big city* (Charlotte). IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER THAN THAT?

I’m sure my husband and I have spent a night away from home since we wed 7 years ago…but I’m having a hard time remembering when. :) It’s a very special thing! What a treat!

To help me stay motivated, this is what I’m looking at on my fridge:


And no, that picture isn’t exactly where we’re going…it’s just a random picture of something in Charlotte that makes me feel happy inside.

What about you? Is your “why” posted where you can see it? What’d ya do for Day 1?


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  1. Day 1~ couldn’t walk outside, actually didn’t even make it to the gym due to the extreme cold…I did a Leslie Sansone walking DVD, Walk it off in 30, and I did the burn part. I plan to maybe plank or do some squats or crunches later, trying to take baby steps into other forms of exercise!! I’m also doing the smiley face technique, I bought little shiny smiley faces and I find it very motivating to see them in a row on the calendar! Hope everyone has a GREAT week!

  2. Well….after almost letting the day get by – I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes….as promised. LOL!! I so wanted to quit after 20 though!! It’s been such a monday, but I’m glad I walked and didn’t let the craziness of today deter me from my goal. Good luck everyone. And BTW – although I signed up to receive your emails – I did not. I’ll try again though to subscribe.

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