How I Cured My Mastitis Naturally

Mastitus edit

If you've ever suffered from mastitis, you know how painful and inconvenient it is. If you've wondered if there was a way to cure mastitis without using antibiotics, read more about my natural cure! First of all - my apologies to the male readers in the audience. You know, like my husband and brother. Yes, this is a post about mastitus, which is related to breastfeeding. I don't know if any of ... Keep Reading

A Giveaway For Someone Who’s Just A Hot Mess Right Now


Okay, so this giveaway is actually open to everyone who is NOT a hot mess right now. Just so we're clear. Recently I discovered via Instagram Remarkably Rare Designs: Apparel That Encourages. The website says: We provide encouraging and empowering apparel for those effected by any condition that makes them rare. We have a desire to provide words that can remind all of those affected, what ... Keep Reading

Car Trips: 11 Hours, 4 Kids, 0 DVDs (How We Do It)

Kids Travel Trip

(this post may contain affiliate links.) Disclaimer: This post is not about me. I wish I could take credit for the feats described therein. But the truth is, it is my sister who is the hero. Every year, at least 2-4 times a year, my sister and brother-in-law travel with their four kids to his family's home, eleven hours away. These are not independent teenagers we are talking about. Their ... Keep Reading

The Ultimate Anxiety Resource

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(this post may contain affiliate links.) Do you struggle with anxiety, or have a friend or family member who does? Check out this comprehensive list of resources - books, blogs, Scriptures, and more to help deal with anxiety and fear. I am very proud of this post, because it is the compilation of many of my writings and the ones which have ministered to me in difficult times. If there are ... Keep Reading

20 Things To Do When You’re Anxious

20 Things Anxious

As I have battled my anxiety over the years, this has been perhaps the #1 lesson I learned and one of the most helpful pieces of advice. Stay busy. If you are anxious or worried about something (or even waiting on something!) the worst thing to do is sit around doing nothing. This leads to more thinking, more obsessing, more self-focusing, more worrying. I am not saying that keeping busy ... Keep Reading

Time-Sensitive: Could Your Family Survive The Apocalypse? (Berkey + Emergency Food SALE)

note: this post contains affiliate links. Also it is a time-sensitive issue. Offer ends this week.  Exciting title, I know. Can you believe my husband accuses me of being over-dramatic? :) In all seriousness, I'm not going to talk about the zombie-apocalypse. But I am going to talk about something rather alarming. You see, in the last four months, our family has received TWO separate ... Keep Reading

The Day I Found Out I Was Going To Be A Mother


No one ever forgets their first positive pregnancy test. No matter what happens after. No matter what happened before. No mom, ever, anywhere, where forget the solitary moment in the bathroom, the gush of emotions (sometimes mixed?) the memory locked down forever, the beginning of motherhood. Todd and I had been married a year - literally, just celebrated our first anniversary, with no ... Keep Reading

Trader Joe’s Secret Ingredient Grilled Chicken


So after 7.5 years of marriage, I have realized that my husband...can cook! Sneaky little man was hiding his secrets all this time. Pretty smart, huh? :) Todd created (and grills) this recipe almost every weekend. Everyone who's had it just loves it! And of course, it uses a super-special secret ingredient from my favorite grocery store, Trader Joe's. Here's what you need: 3 pounds ... Keep Reading

And The Results Are In…

Today we had Sam's baked egg challenge. I was instructed to make a muffin recipe they gave me, which I did, except that I did waaay less sugar than they called for (kids don't need that much sugar!!!) and then added some blueberries to make it taste better. When we got there, they took his vitals and whisked away the muffin to cut into a bunch of little bites. The plan was to eat one bite, wait 15 ... Keep Reading

Big Week For Our Family

Awhile ago I posted on my Facebook page an update about my son's allergies. I was overwhelmed by the prayers and concern for him, even though so many of you don't even know us! Just to recap, he has been allergic since infancy to egg, milk, and peanuts. Most likely, he will never outgrow his peanut allergy. The doctor's opinion is that he has a fairly good chance of not outgrowing milk, either. ... Keep Reading

How To Make Money Blogging When You Know Nothing About Technology


If I had a dime for how many times I said to my husband, "Can you believe I actually have a blog?" The other day I was making a chart to keep track of my posts. My sweet husband walked by and said, "What in the world are you doing?" like he'd seen me weaving animal skins together to make clothing. "I'm making a chart for when I promote my blog posts." Him: "In Microsoft Word? Why aren't you ... Keep Reading

5 Spring Fashions I Wear + 3 I Will Not


  Looking for a couple new spring pieces - that are comfortable, not a bazillion dollars, AND perfect for moms who still have style? You're in luck. Every spring and fall I like to browse around Pinterest (because let's face it...I don't get out much ;) ) and figure out what people are wearing. I've picked a few that I LOVE and a few that I will NOT be wearing! What I love: (from ... Keep Reading