When You Think You Have Obstacles

*this post may contain affiliate links. My extended family has a new Christmas tradition. Before we exchange gifts, we each share a quote or Bible verse that's been meaningful to us over the past year. This year, I shared the poem, "Yourself To Blame." I got it from Ben Carson's autobiography, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story. If you're not familar with Ben Carson - he was raised in the ... Keep Reading

The Picture I Look At When I’m Not Sure I Can Keep Going


A few months ago, I was at my in-laws house when I saw a picture on the counter. I remarked to my husband casually, "Don't you think you'd be a lot more effective at work if you had this picture hanging? I know I would." And so, a few weeks later, my in-laws brought me a present. My own copy. It is taped on my refrigerator, and it keeps me going. This man isĀ "Granddaddy," my husband's ... Keep Reading

Quote of the Day + What You Need To Fight Fatigue!

*this post may contain affiliate links. Okay, I'm going to do you the biggest favor anyone has done you this week. Raise your hand if you have been feeling tired. I see you all! I always feel more fatigued in the winter months, and I guess I thought it was just me. Recently, however, everywhere I look I see articles, blogs, and pins on Pinterest for fatigue-fighters. Apparently it's ... Keep Reading

How To Get A Berkey For Cheap


Whenever I see this on my counter, I start humming that love song, "At Lasssst...my love has come along..." Am I total, total NERD? Why, yes, yes, I am. But truly, it's hard to put into words the joy that I get seeing this beauty on my kitchen counter. I have been eying these Berkey Water Filters for years. Many times when I promote something on my blog, I've been given it for free. ... Keep Reading

Quote of the Day & Way-To-Go-You

note from Jessica: This is Week 1 of our 40-Day Workout Challenge. It's not too late to join! Pick a deadline for yourself and join in. You'll be receiving emails from me periodically throughout the week with an encouraging quote and word from me - my goal is to make it applicable to all my readers, whether you're working out or not! I enjoyed reading the comments on this post to see some of ... Keep Reading

To The Mom Of Little Ones: No, You Can’t Do It All

TBM December 2014

It's probably obvious, but mostly, I write to myself. Here is something I've been learning and re-telling myself. My mom raised four kids with very little help. I've known this for a while, but only recently has it seemed like the miracle it is. She rarely had date nights. She took all four young children to every single doctor appointment they (or she) ever had. When she was throwing up ... Keep Reading

40-Day Workout Challenge {You Know You Want To}

Yup, it's back! The 40-Day Workout Challenge! In case you feel intimidated by this illustrious challenge, let me recap a few things about life around here. I had a baby in August (read: I am exhausted.) I haven't worked out in 18 months. Did I mention I'm really tired? A few days ago my oldest son (5) and I had a conversation that went like this: Sam: Mom, remember those exercise ... Keep Reading

My Year In Pictures + Most Popular Posts of 2014

This post was hugely popular on Facebook. I'm really proud of it, because it says a lot of important and hard things, in a (hopefully) helpful way.

Happy New Year! I don't share personal pictures too often here on my blog, but I today I thought I'd share a few special memories from 2014 with you readers. This has been a bit of a *slow* blogging year, but I had a daughter, so that's okay. I don't regret it for a second! :) Here are a few memories from the year:       What a ... Keep Reading

Christmas Flops

So I am 90% positive that our Christmas tree is going to be a Christmas stick by Christmas. Or catch on fire. One or the other. Unrelated note, yesterday the boys and I put on Christmas music, drank cider, and packaged our Christmas cards. It ended when I dismissed them from the table because they were putting the stamps on their noses and all the wrong places on the cards. Don't you love ... Keep Reading

The Verse You Need Taped To Your Refrigerator


So...this is actually a post at The Better Mom I wrote a few weeks ago, that I'm just getting around to sharing with you. Blogging has been pushed to the back burner a bit recently (as has brushing my teeth, and making my bed, and anything that doesn't involve wiping snotty noses or feeding three small children...) Anyway, this post has been on my mind this week as both my dear sisters have had ... Keep Reading

The Coolest Gift {For Women} You Haven’t Heard Of


Looking for a unique, meaningful gift for a woman? I've got you covered! Disclaimer: If you are my sister-in-law, Julianne, STOP reading this immediately. This is the post about the present I bought you THAT YOU PROMISED NOT TO READ!! Okay. Now we got that out of the way. I found the most amazing thing this week. Thanks to my friend, Megan, for hosting a party at our church where I ... Keep Reading

Keeping *Christ* In Christmas… {With Kids}


Hello! I joked recently that my blog subscribers may have been thinking I'd gotten murdered or something. If you have a children (or better, a few) you probably know exactly what I've been up to. We've just been enjoying these days with our four month old sweetie pie, Ellie. And homeschooling, and scraping oatmeal off chairs... and living life. And here comes Christmas, sneaking up on us. I ... Keep Reading