Your “Mommy Gut” Is Talking – Are You Listening?

Mommy Gut

  Some days when I wake up, I feel deeply overwhelmed with the huge responsibility of raising these little kids. What do I do with them? Will I give them all they need? How do I know I'm spending my days in the right way, teaching them the right things? A few years ago if you would have told me, "Oh, you'll be fine, just listen to your 'Mom gut,' " I would have grouped you right ... Keep Reading

Say These Three Words & Banish Boredom!

lego suitcases

I hope you're enjoying your summer! If you are like me, these hot summer days are wonderful, but also can be a tad trying on the patience! :) I hope you've been enjoying my summer series on Parenting and Traveling With Kids. Today I'd like to share with you a little phrase that keeps my kids creatively engaged, and not whining! I have already talked about the importance of work for kids, but ... Keep Reading

How Many Calories Moms Burn In A Day

Real Mom Workouts

  Some moms I know go to Cardio Funk, or Power Yoga, or do Insanity in their garages. I so admire that gumption. There was a time (back when I was tanned, and stylish, and well-rested) when I was a gym rat, too. I guess I should start going again, but come to think of it, I reach my target heart rate every day doing normal mom things. Who needs Aqua Zumba or Booty Burn when you have ... Keep Reading

The Statistic That Can Change Your Marriage


I'm taking a short break from my summer series, "The Parenting Transformation," to share an interesting and thought-provoking statistic about marriage that I recently heard. If you are like me, and you spend multiple hours a week scraping oatmeal off the floor and stepping over LEGO pieces, then your marriage may not be at the top of your (extremely long) to-do list. Last year on my ... Keep Reading

Your Kids Aren’t Bored – They’re Lazy

Lazy Kids

Note: This post is Part 2 in a summer series I'm doing: "The Parenting Transformation." Make sure you see Part 1: The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Received." ----------------------------------- Awhile ago, I called my mom in a desperate, desperate moment. The boys were wearing diapers over their heads. They kept poking each other in the stomach and talking like babies. (Toddler baby talk ... Keep Reading

The Best Parenting Advice I EVER Received (It’s only four words.)

FOur Words Mom Stress

The best parenting advice I ever received, I heard before I was even a parent. And it was from my boss. My first year out of college, I taught 7th and 8th graders. I was basically as tall as them (shorter, in many cases), about as insecure, and TOTALLY overwhelmed by the curriculum, the kids, and the misbehavior. One day, I was chatting with nearly shedding tears to my principal. Who knows ... Keep Reading

Summer Reading List For Moms {2015}

mom summer reading

{this post may contain affiliate links.} Looking for some good new reads for the beach, the pool, the bedside table? :) Here are my recommendations for some inspiring, helpful, enjoyable books for moms this summer! Most of these I have already read...a few I will be reading myself over the next few months! Click to the book for the link to purchase, but don't forget your library, ... Keep Reading

Three Embarrassing Confessions About My Year {What To Do When You’re Stressed

image via Dollar Photo

  As I alluded to in my post about our homeschooling year, while overall I loved homeschooling (and will do it again) I was a little disappointed in how our year went. Here are three embarrassing confessions about our school year. I frequently slept in until 8:00, then rolled out of bed to make breakfast. Many times the boys watched Curious George and Wild Kratts before I got out ... Keep Reading

My $50 Laundry Room Makeover


Whatever part of the brain it is that is a good decorator, I do not have that part. Or I have it, but it's struggling. You get my drift. My laundry room has been bugging me for centuries about a year. It should actually be called the "laundry room/mudroom/foyer/entry way/extended living room/back hall/dumping grounds/the part that all my neighbors see when their kids have to go to the ... Keep Reading

10 Things Everyone Forgets To Bring On A Beach Vacation

Beach List

If you're planning a beach vacation, before you make your packing list (we all do that, right? A month in advance??) you need to read this list of things EVERYONE ALWAYS FORGETS. And yes, I'm making this list AFTER we have visited the beach. Sigh. But I won't forget next year!! If there's anything else unusual you always bring, please share it with us in the comments! Scissors - I was ... Keep Reading

What Moms Need Most (It’s Not What You Think) + Huggies Snug and Dry Give Back!

Me and Ellie

Chalk this one up to "things I only understood after being a parent" but recently I discovered ONCE AND FOR ALL the #1 thing that moms want most. It's not "me time." It's not home help, or date nights or a homemade dinner, or a good support system. Not even sleep or food or health or energy. Moms could go without all those things. And it would be hard, but there's ONE THING we'd rather ... Keep Reading

How I Cured My Mastitis Naturally

Mastitus edit

If you've ever suffered from mastitis, you know how painful and inconvenient it is. If you've wondered if there was a way to cure mastitis without using antibiotics, read more about my natural cure! First of all - my apologies to the male readers in the audience. You know, like my husband and brother. Yes, this is a post about mastitus, which is related to breastfeeding. I don't know if any of ... Keep Reading