5 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before You Kon-Mari Declutter Your House


I have loved the Kon-Mari system (based on the popular book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up." BUT. The author is a Japanese Buddhist who is not married and has no children. Basically we could not be more different. :) If you are like me, a busy not-Buddhist, full-househould-running Mama, then before you begin this awesome system, here are a few things you absolutely need to ... Keep Reading

10 Things Homeschool Moms Think But Don’t Say

Books and blackboard, school supplies, back to school

When I was gainfully employed as a teacher (in a former life, where I worked out at the gym and got a whole night of sleep), I had a good support system. I taught at a Christian school, so I had a near-infinite amount of kind, understanding, sympathetic co-workers with whom I could vent all my struggles and frustrations. I knew I wasn't alone in wanting to pull my hair out at 2:50pm when the ... Keep Reading

You Must Read This Before You Try Stitch Fix (The Online Personal Shopper)

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disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. I've known about Stitch Fix for several years and NEVER tried it. Until this week! What It Is If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, you sign up and do a survey, and then you get five articles of clothing in the mail that someone has personally picked out for you, based on that detailed survey. A personal shopper, online. It costs $20, but if ... Keep Reading

What NOT To Say If Your Kid Doesn’t Want To Go To Church

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A few weeks ago on the way to church, a son (who shall remained unnamed) remarked rather peacefully and thoughtfully, “I hate Sundays. I hate church days.” I didn’t respond, but he had me rattled, alright. DIDN'T LIKE CHURCH?!?!?!?? What in the world? What kind of a child was I raising here??? Sundays aren't FUN Around here?!?! What was I doing wrong? We all know what's ... Keep Reading

2016 Reader Survey – Tell me anything!

Who knows when I'll get he guts to do this again... :-) But I'm taking your input! I'd be so grateful to hear your responses! Loading... ... Keep Reading

Your Kids Want You To Discipline Them

Your Kids Want

Yesterday at the library, my children checked out 33 books, topics ranging from Star Wars to trash trucks. Me? I checked out one book. One, solitary book. The Strong-Willed Child. I've been on a man-hunt for that book for the last six months or so...probably since about the time that Ty (4), my middle child, threw a tantrum SO EPIC that the neighbor lady knocked on the door "to make ... Keep Reading

Sam’s Egg Challenge, round II : (Or, What Not To Do To Anxious Mothers)


I wanted to post an update about Sam's egg allergy challenge here, because so many friends (and even people who have never met Sam!) have expressed kind support and prayer for his challenge today! That was so very encouraging! And also to give a little bit of the background story of the day. Basically, we did this challenge before in May, and he failed. (Hives around mouth and itchy tongue.) We ... Keep Reading

Good Books For Moms To Read in 2016

2016 Moms Books

note: this post contains affiliate links. I am nearly seven years into this parenting gig, and JUST NOW affording myself the privilege of reading again. I guess I thought I didn't deserve to read books anymore, because, how could I, when there are unholy amounts of Cheerios squashed in the couch cushions? Get busy on the real work, mama!! I think the hypocrisy of it all hit me when I kept ... Keep Reading

Teach The Gospel To A Child At Christmas With 5 Questions

Gospel at Christmas

Part of becoming a parent is realizing you don't know the answer to millions of "dumb" questions. Or you do, but it's hard to explain. Mom, what makes it rain? Mom, how do they know who wins a war? Mom, where does the poop go after the toilet? (Etc. etc.) I think the concept of Christmas is in this category. Of COURSE I know what Christmas is about. But somehow, I about break a ... Keep Reading

What Obamacare Did For Our Middle-Class Family


In the six years that I have been blogging, I have never once discussed an overtly political topic. I've been scared to, really. Scared you'll label me, loathe me, leave me. It is with great humility and trepidation I write this post, and I have to say two things first. If you disagree with what I'm about to say, we can still be friends. Really. I consider this actually one of the greatest ... Keep Reading

5 Kid-Friendly Activities For Rainy Indoor Days

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Do any of you live in Seattle?? If Seattle is as rainy as I've heard, how do you do it? I really struggle on rainy days...I think I may have that Seasonal Affective Disorder. And I think all the kids have it, too, because on rainy, cold, icky days, we all seem to *lose it* more quickly! I live in (mostly) sunny North Carolina, but over the past year we've sure had our share of rainy weather, ... Keep Reading

25 Gift Ideas For Creative Kids (PLUS $125 Amazon Giveaway :)


Know a creative kid? Here are some gift ideas, PLUS enter to win a $125 Amazon Gift Card! {disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.} Since doing my Kon-Mari decluttering, I definitely look at Christmas a little differently. Basically, I don't want any extra, useless, ugly CLUTTER in my home. And I don't want to give this useless clutter to anyone else. This doesn't mean I don't ... Keep Reading