Lies Moms Believe #2: I Have ANY Control Over My Children’s Future


This post is part of my October post series: 31 Lies Modern Moms Believe. Check out the whole series! ~ Okay. So I knew I'd write this post. But the title kept bothering me. Like, really? NO control? Not a smidgen? Surely I have some control as parent, right? Goodness gracious, with all the lectures and vitamins and teeth-brushings I give, surely I'm doing a SPECK of good, ... Keep Reading

31-Day Series: Lies Modern Moms Believe (#1 : “I Should Be Happy”)

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This post is part of my October post series: 31 Lies Modern Moms Believe. Check out the whole series! Lie #1 : I Should Be Happy Today we're going to talk about moms who think they should be "happy'" (moms like me). So, obviously, we have to start by talking about my Grammy. Because she was the complete opposite. I could say so much about this remarkable woman, but for today's ... Keep Reading

Don’t Let October Pass Without Doing This…

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I'm super excited to begin my 31-Day October Series "31 LIES MODERN MOMS BELIEVE"! But first - I have a public service announcement for us. October has a long list of to-dos for us, doesn't it? change clocks pumpkin picking and other family events replace batteries in smoke detectors costumes for Fall Festival / Halloween replace kids' fall clothing But did you know there is ... Keep Reading

An Inside Look At The Muslim World

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A note from Jessica: The author is a friend of mine, and I am so grateful she's shared her story. Because of the nature of her work, past and present, her name will be protected. "Lucy" recently returned from four years of working and serving in the Middle East. After returning to the U.S., she began working with internationals here in the states.  Thank you for sharing, ... Keep Reading

31 Lies Modern Moms Believe

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For the first time ever, this year I'm participating in the write31days Blog Series! For the month of October, I'll be writing about...  31 Lies Modern Moms Believe! Okay, actually it will be a little less than 31 lies, since I won't be posting on the weekends. But you all understand that, right? You'd get bored of hearing from me EVERY SINGLE DAY anyway, right?!? ;) I'm all set to ... Keep Reading

If God Feels Distant, Look Here (Lessons From The ICU)

if God Feels Absent

Many of my readers know  that a month ago, our son Sam had a life-threatening allergic reaction, and we spent a few days in the ICU. These things just happen every few years with Sam, who has asthma and multiple food allergies,  and for awhile after we are on "high alert," feeling like we live precariously on a cliff. And then, slowly, the terror lifts. And life presses back in. And ... Keep Reading

To My Young Mom Friends – Your Marriage Could Be So Much More Than It Is

your marriage

About a month after I gave birth to my firstborn, Todd and I - just us - LEFT HOME and drove an entire 1.7 MILES to a local restaurant. At the risk of sounding incredibly insensitive, I liken our experience at this Pizza Parlor to the part in Corrie ten Boom's memoir where she finally arrives at a cozy, friendly hospital after barely surviving a concentration camp. Trust me - I have the ... Keep Reading

I Asked 20 Moms With Grown Kids What They Regret Most. Here Are Their Answers.

What I Regret Most

Recently at a baby shower, I was chatting with a friend - a young, cute, professional, recently married. Most notably - NO KIDS YET. :) It was a pleasant talk. But I kept fighting this urge. I just wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shout it - ENJOY THIS STAGE, GIRL!! You go to Starbucks everyday, to work?? You go to the gym?? BY YOURSELF??? Do you REALIZE all the FREE TIME you ... Keep Reading

A Fussy Baby Isn’t The End Of The World (It Just Feels Like It) +10 Things To Try

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Thank you to CVS for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% mine. This post may contain affiliate links. About four years ago, I had a moment - which we will group in the "Not My Best Moments Ever" category. My son was six weeks old. He only slept STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN. And I mean - stiff as a board, hold me in the PERFECT WAY UPRIGHT or I will scream bloody murder. I could sort of ... Keep Reading

You Could Cure Your Picky Eater If You Wanted To (It Only Takes The Resolve Of A Navy Seal)

Note: I am not a doctor. Please consult your doctor with all medical concerns. I know that what I am about to say is the blogging equivalent of, "Five weeks postpartum, and I'm back in my size-2 jeans!" Or, "Look! My two-year-old is READING!" But while this post may sound annoying, it is THE TRUTH. I have done it. I have cured my toddler daughter's picky eating. I'm ... Keep Reading

How To Teach Little Kids To Pray

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My husband - bless his kind, patient soul - puts our boys to bed most every night. We've been having an "interesting" time having our youngest (4) say his prayers. For a while, Todd said a very brief prayer which they'd repeat verbatim. Somewhere along the line, Todd decided to prod the boys for some spontaneous, unscripted prayer time.  Simple enough, right? Just pray to God. Go ahead, ... Keep Reading

Can We Please Stop Saying THIS To Each Other?

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Tonight at the pool two sweet neighbors were chatting with me about our first day of homeschool. I relayed the day's successes and stresses, answered a few curious questions about how many hours a day we ACTUALLY do school (that seems to be a popular inquiry from the onlookers) and then - It came. I saw the look. Saw the shaking of the head, the brief imagining of the possibility... Well, I ... Keep Reading