10 Scriptures For When You Are Anxious


I get many of my readers for two reasons. The post about my cornbread. The posts about my anxiety. I'm a very diverse blogger. :) Recently a sweet reader emailed to ask me if I had any verses that were helpful to me when I was dealing with anxiety. I can't believe I haven't published about this before.  I'm embarrassed I've talked about many other helps for anxiety, but not Scripture! ... Keep Reading

Hard Season? The Two-Word Lie You’re Probably Believing

two word lie

I want you to stop for a second. Stop what you're doing, and think. What is THE HARD THING in your life right now? You know the thing. The problem. The issue. The thing you're trying to fix, or solve, or ignore, or "get through," or endure. Got it? Got the thing? Now. If you're like me, there is a teensy-weensy, creeping, sneaky two-word lie you may find yourself believing. (Click here to ... Keep Reading

25 Christ-Centered Easter Ideas For Families

Easter pinnable

I've been searching for ways to make Easter come alive for my little ones, and I came up with this list. I'm definitely starting some of these this week! When I was little, we always attended my grandmother’s church on Good Friday. They were Lutheran, and it was a somber, holy service. (Except for the time we sang a hymn with the line “I am but a worm” and we giggled all the way home. ... Keep Reading

The Day I Decided To Stop Eating Kale

Fresh green kale in ceramic bowl. Selective focus.

I'm obsessed with elimination diets. Which is weird, because I hate them. My latest plan was to eliminate every speck of dairy, egg, and nuts while pregnant, just in case it meant my unborn baby wouldn't have food allergies. That makes perfect sense, right? With loud weeping, I plunged into a sacrificial third trimester, shedding real tears over all the foods I was missing - pizza, egg ... Keep Reading

Sam’s 2015 Allergy Results : Good News & Bad News

This afternoon Sam's allergist called with his blood test results. We had thought/hoped that his egg allergy might have gone down, and allow us to have baked egg at least. He's super hungry. Also, they checked for other allergies and checked the levels on his milk and peanut. I knew he was still allergic, but the numbers give you an evidence of how high he reacts and what the chances are he will ... Keep Reading

How I Had A Natural Birth After Three C-Sections

Jaimie 2

Note from Jessica: When I asked Jaimie to share her story, I had no idea how much it would touch me, inspire me. I had no idea it would bring me to tears. Friends, I hope this blesses you as it has blessed me. Shy, timid, chicken, scaredy-cat, people-pleaser. Those are the terms that could have been used to describe me. Yes, I was that girl. Pretty much afraid of everything, pretty much ... Keep Reading

My Top 5 Natural Stress Relievers For Crazy Days

Portrait of young woman with magazine sitting on couch at home

Going through a stressful day? Stressful season? Here are some of my tips to reduce stress - the five things I have on-hand to unwind at the end of a long day! I love my kids. Love 'em, love 'em, L.O.V.E. them. We have lots of fun together, and there is nothing else I would rather be doing with my life than being with them. But know what else I love? Bedtime. Yes, that magical moment. ... Keep Reading

Sam’s Allergy Testing (Part 1)

Today Sam went in for allergy testing. Yesterday I asked for prayers on my blog's Facebook page, and I have been overwhelmed with the care and concern. Some friends I know, some people I don't even know. I am so humbled that many people care about our little guy. I'm still 99% positive he is highly allergic to peanuts and milk (we've seen rashes, etc.) but we thought he may have outgrown egg, ... Keep Reading

25 Unique Baby Shower Gifts Under $25

baby shower 2

I'm always on the hunt for unique baby shower gifts. It seems whenever a shower invitation comes in the mail, I draw a blank and I'm left browsing swaddle blankets and onesies. Although those things are nice to have, I like having a gift that I know Mom and Baby will LOVE. I started brainstorming about the gifts I and my babies have loved. Then I asked on my Facebook page and, wow, the readers ... Keep Reading

The Secret Addiction I’m Giving Up For Lent

this post may contain affiliate links. I'm going to give myself an "A+" here for "captivating title that sucks people in." Do you think it was juicy enough? This is the first time I've celebrated Lent. I think I was a little turned off in high school and college when I had to endure 40 days of broadcasts that people were giving up things like: vegetables (ha, ha), "making out with my ... Keep Reading

The One About Anti-Depressants

disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is my non-clinical, personal experience and opinion. Each month, I get several hundred, maybe thousand visitors to my site to read about anxiety. Just today, for example, I got two emails from readers saying "thank you" for my posts, asking me for more resources on dealing with anxiety. As I thought about what I have on my blog, I realized there was a ... Keep Reading

It’s The Joy Revolution

kids joy revolution

-------- There was this moment. It was five years ago, and I have no idea why I remember it. It was an ordinary night, and my husband and I were driving home from my parents' house, little baby Sam in the carseat. A beautiful, red-sunset summer evening. Windows open, country music, yellow cornfields breezing by. I remember it there by the field: "This is perfect. Everything is perfect ... Keep Reading