5 Kid-Friendly Activities For Rainy Indoor Days

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Do any of you live in Seattle?? If Seattle is as rainy as I've heard, how do you do it? I really struggle on rainy days...I think I may have that Seasonal Affective Disorder. And I think all the kids have it, too, because on rainy, cold, icky days, we all seem to *lose it* more quickly! I live in (mostly) sunny North Carolina, but over the past year we've sure had our share of rainy weather, ... Keep Reading

25 Gift Ideas For Creative Kids (PLUS $125 Amazon Giveaway :)


Know a creative kid? Here are some gift ideas, PLUS enter to win a $125 Amazon Gift Card! {disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.} Since doing my Kon-Mari decluttering, I definitely look at Christmas a little differently. Basically, I don't want any extra, useless, ugly CLUTTER in my home. And I don't want to give this useless clutter to anyone else. This doesn't mean I don't ... Keep Reading

What I’m Doing Differently This Christmas

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Regrettably, for much of my Parenting Career, Christmas has been a item on my To-Do list, instead of something I enjoy as much as I can. Last year it dawned on me - Christmas is not something we do - it's a gift we receive. This was like a deep breath of a relief. But still. There is this nagging, uncomfortable reminder - I can sit on my couch blissfully cuddling my hot chocolate all I ... Keep Reading

When You Feel Lonely As A Mom


A month or two after I became a mom, I was walking my new baby in a stroller around the block. We must have circled that block hundreds of times a day during those fussy days. This day - it had been A Day. I remember the exact house I was standing in front of, when it hit me (choking back tears). I was lonely. Horribly lonely. Sure, I saw people every day. I still had "friends." But inside, I ... Keep Reading

Lies Modern Moms Believe: I USED to be so together

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a note from Jessica: I'm thrilled to introduce you to the last and final post in my series. This post was one of the winning submissions from my reader contest. I LOVE this post by Elisabeth Alvarado. I hope it encourages you, too! Lies Modern Moms Believe: I USED to be so together Not long ago I was using my WIC vouchers at Walmart. As usual, I had gotten things with the wrong label or ... Keep Reading

Lies Moms Believe: If I’m The “Cool Mom,” My Kids Will Love Me More

A note from Jessica: Soon after beginning my "31 Lies Moms Believe" series, I got a great idea. Why not ask some of my readers for their ideas about lies moms believe? I thought I'd be lucky to get 2-3 to choose from, but I was overwhelmed by the responses! So many were inspirational, and spot-on. It was so difficult to choose a winner, that I had to solicit my sister's help, and eventually I just ... Keep Reading

Lies Moms Believe : If I Could Just Get It Together, God Would Love Me More”

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Today is the last post of the month in my series, "Lies Moms Believe." (I'll be sharing two guest post winners from my contest! I just could not pick one. So many were excellent.) Today's "lie" is : "If I could just get it together, God would love me more."   This last "lie" really hit me this week, when I was knee-deep in my decluttering rampage. I came across a book I'd read in ... Keep Reading

Lies Moms Believe : “Good Moms” Don’t Take Medication For Depression Or Anxiety

Since I have "gone public" with my battle with anxiety, I receive usually 1-2 emails a week from women who are battling anxiety. It would almost be funny (if it weren't) how very similar these emails are. They go something like this: "Hi Jessica, I found your blog on ______." Thank you for your post about anxiety. I have been dealing with anxiety for ______ (usually, fill in the blank for most ... Keep Reading

Lies Moms Believe : I Can’t Love This House

So, this post is obviously in my 31- Day "Lies Moms Believe" series. And I want to be honest with you. Before I started, I worked up an outline (the "lies") that I have pretty much followed. Except for this post. Originally I was going to write a post called, "Lies Moms Believe: My House Has to Be Perfectly Decorated," and I was going to show you ghastly pictures of various corners in our ... Keep Reading

Lies Modern Moms Believe: I’m Better With The Kids Than My Husband

Better With The Kids

Big disclaimer here: EVERY FAMILY IS DIFFERENT. I know this post may not apply to all, because it includes some generalizations about gender roles and family dynamics. If the shoe doesn't fit, don't wear it. :-) LIE MODERN MOMS BELIEVE #14: I'm Better With The Kids Than My Husband Right after I had Sam, my firstborn, we ran out of groceries. So obviously I had to go to the store. Oh, was I ... Keep Reading

The Real Reason Moms Today Are So Stressed

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Note: The post you are reading is part of my October series, 31 Lies Modern Moms Believe. Read the rest of the posts in this series here! I have really been enjoying writing this series, where I try to debunk myths that moms from my generation (I am 33) are duped into believing by our culture. And this one? It's a biggie. If you are a mom right now, ages 20-40, raising little ones, I ... Keep Reading

Stop Saying This Around Your Kids

Mother saying goodbye to her daughter at shool

Note: The post you are reading is part of my October series, 31 Lies Modern Moms Believe. Read the rest of the posts in this series here! Shortly after I had my first child, I came to mom's house for a visit. Sam, who was about a month old, had been SO fussy that day. I was shushing/rocking/swaying him to TRY to get him to sleep, and I just couldn't take it anymore. MOM THIS IS ... Keep Reading