Sam’s Allergy Testing (Part 1)

Today Sam went in for allergy testing. Yesterday I asked for prayers on my blog's Facebook page, and I have been overwhelmed with the care and concern. Some friends I know, some people I don't even know. I am so humbled that many people care about our little guy. I'm still 99% positive he is highly allergic to peanuts and milk (we've seen rashes, etc.) but we thought he may have outgrown egg, ... Keep Reading

25 Unique Baby Shower Gifts Under $25

baby shower 2

I'm always on the hunt for unique baby shower gifts. It seems whenever a shower invitation comes in the mail, I draw a blank and I'm left browsing swaddle blankets and onesies. Although those things are nice to have, I like having a gift that I know Mom and Baby will LOVE. I started brainstorming about the gifts I and my babies have loved. Then I asked on my Facebook page and, wow, the readers ... Keep Reading

The Secret Addiction I’m Giving Up For Lent

this post may contain affiliate links. I'm going to give myself an "A+" here for "captivating title that sucks people in." Do you think it was juicy enough? This is the first time I've celebrated Lent. I think I was a little turned off in high school and college when I had to endure 40 days of broadcasts that people were giving up things like: vegetables (ha, ha), "making out with my ... Keep Reading

The One About Anti-Depressants

disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is my non-clinical, personal experience and opinion. Each month, I get several hundred, maybe thousand visitors to my site to read about anxiety. Just today, for example, I got two emails from readers saying "thank you" for my posts, asking me for more resources on dealing with anxiety. As I thought about what I have on my blog, I realized there was a ... Keep Reading

It’s The Joy Revolution

kids joy revolution

-------- There was this moment. It was five years ago, and I have no idea why I remember it. It was an ordinary night, and my husband and I were driving home from my parents' house, little baby Sam in the carseat. A beautiful, red-sunset summer evening. Windows open, country music, yellow cornfields breezing by. I remember it there by the field: "This is perfect. Everything is perfect ... Keep Reading

Honest Instagram Captions


So I love Instagram (shameless plug: Follow me.). But we all know how some of us (ahem) tend to put our best foot forward on social media. Not that I would ever do this. But this girl I know helped me write this post. Here are *honest* instagram posts, with the captions we're really thinking. Come on, you know it's true. The "Book On My Nightstand" post Yeah, I read books. Impressed? You ... Keep Reading

How I Finally Had A Natural Childbirth

natural childbirth

I never thought I would be the kind of person who would share my "birth story" with the world wide web...until Ellie's birth, when I really felt like I had a story to tell. (You can view it here.) Recently I went a little deeper, as I shared at Keeper of the Home what exactly it was that helped me to have a natural childbirth. This had been my goal during the pregnancy, and though it was not ... Keep Reading

Fatigue Is Not A Sin


This post (which I wrote this month for The Better Mom) is near and dear to my heart. My tired, foggy, sleep-deprived, cranky heart. I love my little ones dearly, and I love this stage of life. But I don't know if you are like me - life is so much more difficult when I am tired! If you are also in a season of weariness and lack of sleep, I hope these words encourage you. ... Keep Reading

10 Minutes + 5 Ingredients = A Week’s Worth of Healthy Kids Snacks


> Today I'm going to share with you the snack that my kids eat all year long. They love it, and I love it, because it's allergy-friendly, protein-filled, and EASY to prepare! I make a batch in ten minutes or less, and it can last up to two weeks! It is TRAIL MIX! I know we all know what trail mix is, but I have a little formula I'm going to share with you. I think about these ... Keep Reading

15 Non-Trashy Shows For Parents To Watch When Their Kids Go To Bed

parents tv shows

When I was dating my husband, one of the marriage books we read said this: "Never, ever, ever have a TV in your bedroom. There is no good reason for couples to have a TV in the bedroom. Get rid of it. Now." Or something to that effect. I must say, nearly a decade and three kids later into marriage...that I respectfully disagree with this nameless, vague marriage expert. Let me tell you ... Keep Reading

For The Parents Who Worry About Their Kids

pinnable me and Ty

My son has a life-threatening, anaphylaxic milk allergy. This past weekend while visiting my aunt, I fed him a cookie that had milk in the ingredients. It was 100% my fault, and the first time in nearly six years that I have made a mistake with Sam's food. He ate a bite of it; I remembered for some reason to double-check the ingredients, and when I realized there was milk in it, I made him spit ... Keep Reading

When You Think You Have Obstacles

*this post may contain affiliate links. My extended family has a new Christmas tradition. Before we exchange gifts, we each share a quote or Bible verse that's been meaningful to us over the past year. This year, I shared the poem, "Yourself To Blame." I got it from Ben Carson's autobiography, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story. If you're not familar with Ben Carson - he was raised in the ... Keep Reading