Christmas Flops

So I am 90% positive that our Christmas tree is going to be a Christmas stick by Christmas. Or catch on fire. One or the other. Unrelated note, yesterday the boys and I put on Christmas music, drank cider, and packaged our Christmas cards. It ended when I dismissed them from the table because they were putting the stamps on their noses and all the wrong places on the cards. Don't you love ... Keep Reading

The Verse You Need Taped To Your Refrigerator


So...this is actually a post at The Better Mom I wrote a few weeks ago, that I'm just getting around to sharing with you. Blogging has been pushed to the back burner a bit recently (as has brushing my teeth, and making my bed, and anything that doesn't involve wiping snotty noses or feeding three small children...) Anyway, this post has been on my mind this week as both my dear sisters have had ... Keep Reading

The Coolest Gift {For Women} You Haven’t Heard Of


Looking for a unique, meaningful gift for a woman? I've got you covered! Disclaimer: If you are my sister-in-law, Julianne, STOP reading this immediately. This is the post about the present I bought you THAT YOU PROMISED NOT TO READ!! Okay. Now we got that out of the way. I found the most amazing thing this week. Thanks to my friend, Megan, for hosting a party at our church where I ... Keep Reading

Keeping *Christ* In Christmas… {With Kids}


Hello! I joked recently that my blog subscribers may have been thinking I'd gotten murdered or something. If you have a children (or better, a few) you probably know exactly what I've been up to. We've just been enjoying these days with our four month old sweetie pie, Ellie. And homeschooling, and scraping oatmeal off chairs... and living life. And here comes Christmas, sneaking up on us. I ... Keep Reading

A Month Of Meals For Chilly Weather


Looking for some meals to make in fall and winter? Check out my month-long meal plan for chilly weather! Yesterday I sat in Panera Bread and planned the whole month of meals for our November. I've never done this before, but I did it for few reasons: I just had a newborn baby, we're homeschooling, and I barely have time to brush my teeth. Maybe it would save time? Maybe I'd only have to ... Keep Reading

WIN a Berkley Water Purifier

I'm absolutely very jealous of whoever is blessed to win this giveaway. I've been trying to land one of these puppies for free to review for a no luck. (Anyone want to give me a Berkey to review?? Anyone?) Just today I was sipping my water and noticed some sort of a moldy undertone. Ick! I would sure love one of these Berkeys! While we don't really worry about getting parasites or ... Keep Reading

50 Awesome Gift Ideas For Boys

50 gifts

Looking for gift ideas for a boy in your life? Look no further! My gift ideas here are things that my boys love and that encourage simple, creative play. Builder Goose: It's Construction Rhyme Time! - This little book is fun to read and my kids love the construction-based twists on nursery rhymes. Strider No-Pedal Balance Bike, Blue, One Size - Both my kids learned how to ride without ... Keep Reading

Kids Playing Sports: How To Raise Kids Who Win and Lose Well


Note from Jessica: This post is a guest post from my dear cousin Rebecca. Rebecca LOVES sports and has lots of wisdom. I love this post! Side note - I strongly encourage you to follow Rebecca on Facebook at Banshee Sports. She is always publishing interesting sports posts and yummy game-day recipes! Nobody likes to lose, and it is especially hard to watch children struggle with the emotions ... Keep Reading

A Day In The Life…


This week I'm over at Keeper of the Home sharing "a day in the life" around these parts. When I wrote this post, our sweet little Ellie was two weeks old. And we hadn't even started homeschooling yet! Needless to say, these are wonderful, crazy, patience-trying days! Read about our day here. Does my day ring close to home for any of you? ... Keep Reading

10 Must-Haves For A Kindergarten Classroom

pinnable k classroom

┬áJessica's note: Hope you enjoy this guest post from my good friend, Gabby. I've asked Gabby to talk about some of her "must-haves" for homeschool, because I know she did a terrific job with her little kindergartener this year. I absolutely love her approach to teaching, and her list. Thanks for sharing, Gabby!   1. Curriculum that you love You can find everything you need to teach ... Keep Reading

Ellie’s Birth Story {a story where God is faithful}


1Originally, in my head, this post was more clever. It was longer; it would have done well on Pinterest; it was a whole series to maximize my blog hits and generate interest. But I'm going to let those things go because I just want to tell you the story. The story of Ellie Marie, and how God is faithful. This story starts before Ellie even existed in my tummy. Honestly, I think it starts ... Keep Reading

A Visual Tour of Our Homeschool Classroom


A few weeks ago in the mail, we got a giant box of kindergarten books and supplies...and all my dreams came true. I asked my husband if he, too, were feeling his heart pound in euphoria as he looked at the mounds of curricula. Funny...he wasn't. Well, I'm excited anyway. (Even if the first day of school is like 20 days after I birth a child. At least I made some breakfast burritos for the ... Keep Reading