Three Unsexy Reasons Why The Modern Mom Is So Tired

Every few months, the following conversation takes place between me and my mom, husband or another victim friend. Me: {deep sigh} Something is wrong with me. I am so, so tired! It's so weird! I felt fine (fill in the blank amount of time) ago, but now! It's like I want to take like five naps every day.  Other Person: Hmm. (feigning interest) Me: What could it be? I mean, is that normal? ... Keep Reading

What Your Marriage Really Needs? A TV In The Bedroom

When Todd and I were in pre-marital counseling, we read all the marriage books. Since I'd already had one broken engagement, I was working overtime to make sure WE DID EVERYTHING RIGHT!! AND TOOK ALL THE TESTS!! AND TALKED ABOUT EVERYTHING! I was such an excellent fiance. Right, Todd? Well, several of the books made it very clear that married couples should avoid putting a television in ... Keep Reading

My Second Hero Besides Joanna Gaines

this post may contain affiliate links~ Today I want to introduce you to my second celebrity hero. Y'all know about my thing for Joanna Gaines. The other *celebrity* in my wannabe list is Crystal Paine. I feel like Crystal and I are friends. Or would be friends. She's the founder of Money Saving Mom, which is one of the most successful blogs today - period - and also a Christian, a speaker, ... Keep Reading

This Is Why All Those Weird Moms Homeschool

Why They Homeschool

Dear Homeschooling, I've been dissing you a lot lately, and I'm sorry about that. We had a rocky start, you and I. Honestly, I thought we'd get along easier. You know, with me being a teacher and all. You were shockingly difficult at times. Homeschooling, you stretch me. Not in a spa-room, Yoga-kind-of-stretch. More like a ... Keep Reading

How To Survive Your Kids Being Home All Summer (4 Things Homeschool Moms Dol)

how to survive kids home during the summer

Have you been wondering how you're going to survive the summer with your kids home? Check out these tips from a homeschool mom! The other day I was at a party and overheard a few friends chatting. "Girl, we need to get together in the summer. C. has camp for two weeks, and soccer for one week, and then I DON'T KNOW WHAT IN THE WORLD I'M GOING TO DO FOR THE REST." "GIRL. Me neither! I mean ... Keep Reading

What To Do When Your Homeschool Curriculum Needs Extra Activities: Dover Books Review

Dover Books 1

Disclosure: I was compensated with free product, and for my time, but the opinions below are 100% my own. Homeschoolers: are you looking for some fun, quality resources to supplement your elementary curriculum? Check out Dover Books! Recently I reviewed our curriculum choices for this year. Although I was largely pleased with our choice, my one complaint was that it was lacking in some of the ... Keep Reading

How To Explain The Difference Between Republicans And Democrats To A Child

Republicans vs Democrats

Jessica's Note: Do you ever get confused trying to explain the difference between Republicans and Democrats to your children? I took my boys (ages 6 and 5) with me to vote in our primaries. It seemed like a good idea, and plus, everyone on Instagram was doing it. :) They were perfectly behaved until the shade-in-the-ballot part, when they had a rather loud fight discussion over who got to ... Keep Reading

6 Successful Habits Of Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines Lessons

  Share this post on Facebook! Isn't it funny where the odd places where Life teaches you lessons? I can read 57 marriage blogs and it all drips off me like rain on an umbrella. And then I plop down innoculously to waste a mindless hour of television, and for weeks can't get the example I saw out of my head. And yes, I mean the habits and lessons I've learned from Chip and Joanna ... Keep Reading

Five Healthy Lunches For Moms Who Have Five Minutes Or Less

healthy choice pinball

Looking for some healthy lunch ideas, moms? Only have five minutes to eat? You're in luck! Today I'm sharing my top five healthy, satisfying lunches for moms who only have a few minutes! Do you get "hangry?" (hungry + angry = hangry). I confess to you that I have strong "hangry" tendencies. Everything is worse when you're hungry. Every sound is louder. Every stubbed toe more painful. Every ... Keep Reading

Zeezok: Music Appreciation For Homeschoolers!

Zeezok 1

Readers: This week I'm sharing a few things I've been trying and loving! I received free sample product from Zeezok Curriculum and compensation for my time, but the opinions I'm sharing are 100% my own. I'm always on the hunt for quality electives to supplement our Sonlight homeschooling curriculum. I was thrilled to get my hands on Zeezok Homeschool Music Appreciation Curriculum. Music ... Keep Reading

That Time I Tried Hello Fresh…

HF 1

Readers: This week I'm sharing with you a handful of products I've tried and enjoyed. I've been wanting to try this one for a while...and here's my review. :) A few weeks ago I got a coupon in the mail to try the healthy home delivery meal service Hello Fresh for a discount. I put it where I put all the good the black box of Nowhere Land where things go to rot, die and ... Keep Reading

How To Find Snippets Of Rest In Your Day As A Mom

lipton 2

Today, I made biscuits.  They were absolutely delicious, but there was a cost involved. I had just put the final brushstroke of butter on the last, when I turned around to discover that - not to worry - the entire kitchen had evidently regurgitated itself in seventeen minutes. Every. Single. Bowl. that I own was sprinkled across the kitchen in a stepping stone / tripping hazard sort-of pattern. ... Keep Reading