Motherhood, According to The Meyers Briggs Types

Motherhood, ACcording to The Meyers-Briggs Personalities

  I was first introduced to the Meyers-Briggs personality test in college. Interestingly, it was my fiancé (important note: soon to be ex-fiance) who introduced me to the book, Please Understand Me. The weird part is, I think we didn't make it in part due to how incompatible we were in terms of the Meyers-Briggs personalities. (If you're curious what I am, it's at the end of this ... Keep Reading

To All The Moms Who Struggle To Have Quiet Times (From One Of Those Moms)

Mom Quiet Times

disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links. This is not a fun thing for me to admit. But it's true. For a while, I stopped having quiet times. I never thought this would be me. In high school, I read the Bible cover to cover each year. In college, I minored in Religion and had long journaling sessions in the college chapel. I'm an avid reader, and I own a gazillion theology books. I ... Keep Reading

Four Things Every Parent Should Know Before Adopting

before adopting

a note from Jessica: This is a guest post from my cousin (and oldest and dearest friend) Sheila Carlberg. Since we were little ones, Sheila has been daring greatly and doing great things. I am so grateful for her honesty and her courage in sharing her adoption story. ~~~~ This Sunday, I walked into church feeling broken.  Again.  It’s the way I feel most days lately, and I can’t ... Keep Reading

Dear Target, I Love You, But We’re Breaking Up.

Dear TargetFB2

  Dear Target, We've had a beautiful relationship. What has it been, now? Ten years, I guess, since I first met you! A whole decade of love. But we both know the most meaningful season has been the last seven years. You know, since the kids. You, sweet Target, are a mother's dream. It's like you're inside my head, thinking my Design Thoughts before I do. Anticipating the ... Keep Reading

The Holiday Your Family’s Missing Out On

Portrait of family of travelers in tent looking at camera in the forest

~ note from Jessica: My lifelong friend, Kate, does the coolest thing with her family, and I just knew she had to share it! Thank you to Kate and Graham - for putting words to it, and for being a tangible example of creative, purposeful parenting! Have You Celebrated Your Family? Think of all of the celebrations in our lives: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays: Christmas, New Year’s, ... Keep Reading

What It’s Like Bringing Kids To Church

FB moms kids and church

Do any of you remember going to church as a Non-Mom? I do. Since I am a huge nerd, going to church as a Single Woman was actually one of the big highlights in my former life. I looked incredibly put-together and well-rested. As I should, because I slept in past the absolutely luxurious hour of 7:45. I'd take a liesurely shower, with plenteous time to shave each leg (imagine!). It was ... Keep Reading

I Figured Out Why My Neighbor’s House Looks So Clean…

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine. I always tell my neighbor, Page, that her house gives me "house envy." I love her style and try to emulate it in my own home (aka, I copied exactly her paint color...for my entire downstairs!) And what always gets me is how stinking CLEAN her house looks. I'll say, "Oh, it's so clean in here!" ... Keep Reading

Three Unsexy Reasons Why The Modern Mom Is So Tired

Every few months, the following conversation takes place between me and my mom, husband or another victim friend. Me: {deep sigh} Something is wrong with me. I am so, so tired! It's so weird! I felt fine (fill in the blank amount of time) ago, but now! It's like I want to take like five naps every day.  Other Person: Hmm. (feigning interest) Me: What could it be? I mean, is that normal? ... Keep Reading

What Your Marriage Really Needs? A TV In The Bedroom

When Todd and I were in pre-marital counseling, we read all the marriage books. Since I'd already had one broken engagement, I was working overtime to make sure WE DID EVERYTHING RIGHT!! AND TOOK ALL THE TESTS!! AND TALKED ABOUT EVERYTHING! I was such an excellent fiance. Right, Todd? Well, several of the books made it very clear that married couples should avoid putting a television in ... Keep Reading

My Second Hero Besides Joanna Gaines

this post may contain affiliate links~ Today I want to introduce you to my second celebrity hero. Y'all know about my thing for Joanna Gaines. The other *celebrity* in my wannabe list is Crystal Paine. I feel like Crystal and I are friends. Or would be friends. She's the founder of Money Saving Mom, which is one of the most successful blogs today - period - and also a Christian, a speaker, ... Keep Reading

This Is Why All Those Weird Moms Homeschool

Why They Homeschool

Dear Homeschooling, I've been dissing you a lot lately, and I'm sorry about that. We had a rocky start, you and I. Honestly, I thought we'd get along easier. You know, with me being a teacher and all. You were shockingly difficult at times. Homeschooling, you stretch me. Not in a spa-room, Yoga-kind-of-stretch. More like a ... Keep Reading

How To Survive Your Kids Being Home All Summer (4 Things Homeschool Moms Dol)

how to survive kids home during the summer

Have you been wondering how you're going to survive the summer with your kids home? Check out these tips from a homeschool mom! The other day I was at a party and overheard a few friends chatting. "Girl, we need to get together in the summer. C. has camp for two weeks, and soccer for one week, and then I DON'T KNOW WHAT IN THE WORLD I'M GOING TO DO FOR THE REST." "GIRL. Me neither! I mean ... Keep Reading