The Best Art Class For Homeschoolers

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the best art class for homeschoolers

My son loves art, and he’s good at it! This is a stark contrast to his mother, as my most notable artistic achievement is this fish:


Not totally awful, but I was 17 when this masterpiece was crafted!!!! Is anyone concerned that my mom thought it was so wonderful she MATTED AND FRAMED IT? At least I had that super-cool way of signing my name.

Anyway, I love that my son loves art, but sometimes I have no idea how to channel all that passion – how to “teach” him or what he needs!

So I was THRILLED to review Ms. Volin’s Art Studio, which is an art “class” your children take at home via DVD.

I loved this curriculum. Here are a few of Sam’s creations:



Sam remembered that his project was like "Monet," and he told us it was worth $1000 dollars, just like the real Monet. :)

Sam remembered that these sunflowers were like “Monet’s” and he told us it cost $1000 dollars, just like the real Monet. :)


My favorite. Cutest little owl ever!

Aren’t these little projects adorable?

And here’s what I L.O.V.E. about Ms. Volin:

  • She is an excellent teacher. Funny, engaging, conversational, elementary (like she talks to kids in a way they understand).
  • She does the project along with the students – you can see exactly what it’s “supposed” to look like, although she gives them artistic liberty here and there. (“Now, your circles might be great big circles! That’s okay! Mine are small. Etc. etc.”)
  • The lessons are unique, creative, and I’d never be able to think them up all by myself. I’d never pay for something I could do myself, would you? Ms. Volin’s lessons are all unique, teaching a certain artistic skill or technique.
  • My son really enjoys the lessons. He’s learning and not even realizing it!

What age child can do this program?

You can purchase the curriculum for grades K-5. My son is not yet in kindergarten, but was able to do everything in the kindergarten level curriculum.

Is it just for home school families?

No! Obviously, this is a great addition for homeschoolers, but I can also see it being a perfect “summer” activity for moms and kids, or even an after school/weekend project to do here or there with your little one.

What supplies do I need?


Ms. Volin has a list for each grade and recommends certain brands of these products, but you could supplement elsewhere if you wanted.

How much does it cost?

The kindergarten curriculum we sampled was $24.99 (the supplies are extra). To me, it was well worth the price. If you have a little one who loves art, put this curriculum on a birthday or summer “wish-list”! I highly recommend it.Do you have a little one who loves art? Have you considered an art class at home?

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  1. Thank you!! I cannot wait to order this program! I have kiddos who love art. We take art classes once each school year but it is never enough. This program appears to let the kids keep their originality which a lot of programs I have seen do not (meaning-everyone’s picture will be unique and not look almost exactly alike!).

  2. Thank you for sharing :) Your little boy’s done a great job.I loved each one of them so creative :)

  3. This series looks like exactly what I need for my art-loving child! Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Sounds really interesting! My kids love art, but like you, I’m not very artistic. :) Thanks for sharing this!

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