It Doesn’t Matter

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it doesn't matter

One of the things I love about being a grown-up is that you don’t have to try to be cool anymore.

Still, every once a while, I feel those familiar old nudges of “you’re not good enough.” It comes so subtly. Before I even realize it, I’m walking around depressed about SOME STUPID THING I’m not doing, or not doing well enough.

This is my call to FREEDOM.

It doesn’t matter.

  • It doesn’t matter that I have gray hairs, and I’m still straightening my hair instead of curling it because I can’t figure out that new (?) wavy style.
  • It doesn’t matter that I don’t have bright skinny jeans that fit me or a cute white blazer and the perfect spring handbag.
  • It doesn’t matter that I’m not on Instagram, and my baby books are horribly behind.
  • It doesn’t matter that my blog makes hardly any money, and that my posts aren’t viral and it’s essentially an overgrown hobby.
  • It doesn’t matter that I’m not famous.
  • It doesn’t matter that I need pictures on my walls, and my guest room needs new bedding, and I haven’t dusted my blinds since last April.
  • It doesn’t matter that my house never seems to be as tidy as my sister’s.
  • It doesn’t matter that I don’t get pedicures, and I’m getting wrinkles around my eyes.
  • It doesn’t matter that I’m not in shape anymore, or haven’t bought eyeshadow since 2011.
  • It doesn’t matter that my floor needs to be mopped, by nails need to be painted, my car needs to be vacuumed, and my legs need to be tanner.
  • It doesn’t matter that I’m not as peppy, skinny, trendy, witty, savvy, or crunchy as the imaginary Jessica is in my head.

But you know what does matter?

  • I have a husband, a big bunch of family, and a handful of friends who love me, period. On sick days, on grumpy days, on fat days, on lazy days, on days when I’m not very lovable…I AM loved.
  • I have three little kids who think I’m the best mommy ever.
  • I have a husband who forgets all my over-dramatic moments, loves our lame, boring life, and somehow – beyond all logic – looks at six-month-pregnant me like I’m still his hot wife.
  • I’m not the perfect mom… But I’m a good one. My kids get (mostly) nourishing meals, hugs when they’re sad, fun things to do, and when I fail them miserably, I ask for forgiveness.
  • My sins are wiped clean.
  • I am a child of God, and He made me.
  • I’m redeemed, and safe, and spending eternity with my Loving Father.
  • No matter how sick/tired/worthless/ugly/useless/distracted/grumpy/sub-par I may feel on any given day, I Am Loved, by the ones who matter, and the ONE who matters most.

Go confidently into today, friends.

You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Romans 8:31-32


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  1. Amen, sister! Beautifully written! I’m learning the same things lately.

  2. Sarah Mueller says:

    Amen! Oh, that I would remember this when I fall into the comparison trap! Have a great day!

  3. This is such an encouraging post and just what I needed today! Thank you for sharing your heart to all of us! :)

  4. Yes, and I say again, yes! I’m seven months pregnant and so with you on hard days, fat days etc. We’re so blessed to have loving, supportive husbands who pursue true love and little ones who think nothing beats their mother. And, the love of a Father who keeps us close in His covenant. What could be better?

  5. Wow!!! I love these words you’ve shared! I feel greatly encouraged and uplifted! Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I want to check out more of your blog!

  6. Victoria B says:

    Oh how I love this! I hate how easily I can get caught up in the things I don’t do or have that are so “perfect”… What I do have, my incredible husband, gorgeous daughter, and loving Heavenly Father, are truly everything I need and are “perfect” to me. Thank you for this post. What a wonderful reminder, it’s so freeing!

  7. Loved this Jessica ❤️ A good perspective goes a long way!

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